Dahlia Garden

Dahlia's digging in the garden on a hot summer day and decides it's best to strip down into her hairy birthday suit. She noodles around naked in the garden before for a bit before getting on the ground and finger fucking her hairy pussy to orgasm.

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  1. smithijor22 says

    Simply beautiful.

  2. Steve2022 says

    Nikki does this activity improve the future garden harvest at all? Regardless, more people need to strip down in their gardens and let loose!

  3. I have been a HUGE fan of Dahlia’s since I first saw her!!! She is SO beautiful, I am so attracted to her! I love her tits in that blouse & her taking the time to maybe let me smell her hairy arm pits!!! I love those tits pushed together as she is gardening! Beautiful hips baby when you stand and gorgeous underwear!!! I love the pussy hair peaking out form the panties & those THICK eyebrows, communicating that you have a BIG bush!!! Remember Nikki, that we love to see women take their panties off, I love seeing the panties sticking to the pussy last, like she is wet!!! Nothing makes my cock harder than seeing all of Dahlia’s gorgeous bush & all of that long, thick, pussy hair!!! Dahlia is blessed with some long pussy hair & big tits!!! I LOVE her in the sunlight & seeing her BUSH & her long thick pussy hair, my eyes are glued!!! Her hair is so beautiful, I love her playing with it & putting it up in a bun, I ache to kiss the back of her neck!!! I love her returning to garden nude & then fingering her delicious hairy pussy, paradise is to have my face in that bush while I play with my throbbing cock!!!

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