Date Night

Katie comes home super horny after being rejected by her date! Who would think to reject this beauty? Luckily she has her hands and you, to help her out...

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  1. Beautiful. I love Katie’s personality and love her hairy body. Would love to see a close up of her mouth and mustache. It is amazing. I’d love to spend all day kissing her!

    • Nikki Silver says

      I believe her deck video or oak tree video have long close ups of her mouth and mustache and her licking them, watch all her videos and you will find what you are desiring.

  2. CunningLinguist says

    The fictional guy who “rejected” her is such a fool. I may not be into painted nails (or moustaches) myself but never ever would I kick a beautiful woman with full body hair out of my bed. That being said, I loved the close-up shots showing the beautful inside of Katie’s pussy and the shots at the end offering a beautiful view on her highly lickable pubic region.

  3. There are plenty of great close ups of Katie´s sexy moustache, so no worries if it isn´t featured in every single video or photoset. The close ups on NN are breathtaking, so thank you to Nikki for that. Interesting that the above member mentions not being into painted nails, because I have always felt the exact same way. Honestly, what´s the attraction? I am not complaining, just wondering. Apart from that small turn-off (for me, anyway), Katie continues to embody the perfect woman for me. I would love to see more of her in the future once her leg hair has grown back.

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