I put on a sexy lace one piece and some sensual music to really get into myself, I hope you like my movements. I got so turned on I masturbate at the end.

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  1. There´s a moment early in the video where Nikki has her back to the camera. We see her luscious, dark locks cascade down her back as she lowers herself backwards towards the floor, with the most titillating sideview of her right breast. Highlights of any given video will always be a matter of personal preference, but the aforementioned scenario certainly made an impression on me. It´s about finding characteristics of a model, that are particularly pleasing to the eye, and with Nikki there is an abundance of beauty to admire. From her lovely face, thick head hair and curvy figure, she sets an impressive example for her circle of natural beauties to follow.

  2. The long close up of her perfect hairy pussy while she masturbate is a pure delight. Thank you Nikki.

  3. hi nikki, i have got a request….i would love to watch a video of 3 hairiest lesbians eating licking fingering each others…yes u harley and kisa fae…can u do that next? i reckon everyone elses would be waiting to see that….

  4. I would miss the words to say how perfect you are. Demasiado perfecta para ser verdad, saludos desde Chile.

  5. Beyond sexy, so hot!

  6. Five star 50 says:

    Love it more pointed toes

  7. I just really want to say Nikki, that you have blossomed INTO THE MOST GORGEOUS WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I am literally hypnotized by you, I have NEVER seen a woman as GORGEOUS AS YOU!!! OMG Almighty I LOVE that your g string shows your GORGEOUS HAIRY ASSHOLE from behind!!! You are THE most GORGEOUS natural woman I have EVER SEEN; I ACHE to BURY my face in your HAIRY PUSSY and SMELL YOUR GORGEOUS ASSHOLE and TASTE ITS HEAVEN FLAVOR!!! OMG, Nikki your asshole is SO GORGEOUS!!!

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