Soaping up every curve

Delilah is such a tease in her tight yellow bikini. She turns on the shower and allows the hot water to rush over her succulent hairy body. As she strips out of her bikini, she massages her huge all-natural breasts, fondles her soft armpit hairs, and soaps up her bushy pussy.

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  1. Bigchuck54 says:

    Is it possible that we will ever see this absolutely gorgeous, curvy, BBW do any pee content? It would just combine my three favorite things, beautiful hairy women, beautiful BBW’s, and pee content. It would contain four if you, Nikki also happened to have a pee in the video. You are probably my favorite model to see pee.

  2. Steve2022 says:

    @Bigchuck54 you should look Delilah up on ManyVids as she has done lots of pee content!

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