Desert Fur

Jane enjoys a cup of tea, luxuriating on a blanket in the desert. This hairy nature gal loves getting naked and playing with her very hairy pussy and stroking her beautiful hairy legs out in nature!

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  1. The material on NN has me thinking that perhaps women are better pornographers than men. Kayden Kross and Mason, both females, have been bossing mainstream porn in recent years, while Nikki remains my personal favourite director and photographer. Instead of being bombarded with a sensory overload of fast-paced editing and constant switching of positions, we are presented with long, lingering shots of the models, shot in a style that is both pleasing and exciting at the same time. When something works equally well for both masturbation as well as watching while being completely relaxed, I know I am looking at something truly outstanding.

  2. agree with EN. great job nikki and jane is a beautiful model. also i know i might sound like a broken record but next time you work with her if you could do some doggy and ass spreading poses that would be amazing 🙂

  3. shackwise12 says:

    more great viewing!

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