Dirty Girl

Pearl gets nice and soapy in the bath. AMAZING hairy close ups in this one, soapy, in water, wet, being played with, extreme close up to wide shots of everything! She see's how hard that makes you so she blows you while encouraging you with a cum countdown.

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  1. ADKid60T says:

    Home Run!! Fantastic video!

  2. Love it!! Want to see more of Pearl Sage. Can I see more lesbian scenes. Can you make that happen Nikki?

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Pearl has a lesbian scene coming out soon and there are many more in the Q of other models. There are also lots of HD lesbian scenes already available for your viewing pleasure on the site.

  3. shackwise12 says:

    just the tonic for these austere times!

  4. gatoblanco says:

    Excellent videography, wonderful sounds, and a very beautiful model. I would love to see her and Kisa together.

  5. VeryHairyLegsLover says:

    Oh Yessss!!!! Very great video of this very beautiful girl!!!! I like Pearls very bushy armpits and her very very big hairy bush and very cool that she has leghair growing!!!! And in the water all the bodyhairs of the lovely Pearl looks very nice and yummy!!!! I’m a very big fan of Pearl Sage!!! Thank you so much for that video Nikki!!! Nikki, i have 4 big wishes: 1.) A bathtub-video of the extremely hairy and super sexy “MINERVA FURY” (She has for me, 2 of the hairiest legs since a long time and an very thick bush)!!!!!! 2.) A bathtub-video of my 2nd alltime-favourite model “BELLA MAE” (This very beautiful girl has 2 of the hairiest legs too and sexy much armpit-hair and a very fuzzy ass & bush!!!!!) 3.) A 2-model Extremely-Hairy-Legs&Bush-Shoot with these 2 fuzzy angels!!!!! (A 60 Minute-Video with these 2 extreme hairy beauties was the absolutely KILLER!!! On a bed, with a white bedsheet, to see the very sexy black bodyhairs!!! First, play both girls with her own much thick leghair and shows it for a few minutes. It is best to have both girls lying side by side on their backs with their super hairy legs bent and the camera goes near to the calves and thighs to see all that thick hair in very great HD-quality. After that, Bella plays with Minerva’s very very hairy legs (calves & thighs) and then Minerva plays with Bella’s very very hairy calves & thighs for many minutes. And then both shows the very big bushes from behind (doggy position) and in front too and then i see the very hairy legs and thighs too!!!) 4.) Much, much more other videos and sets of these 2 extremely hairy and beautiful girls MINERVA & BELLA!!!! Unfortunately, these are just dreams, but I hope that maybe one day they will come true in the future!!!! Thank you for all that great material from that great site Nikki!!!!

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