Double Orgasm

I set up a camera to capture myself frolicking in the sunset and playing in my long, flowy dress. Of course I want to feel the sun on my naked body so I quickly get undressed and run around in just hiking boots, eventually dropping to the ground to stroke my hairy pussy and cum twice!

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  1. Like wine, every day that passes you are more beautiful and exquisite 😍😍😍

  2. Somehow – using Windows10 Edge – the video downloads (save as) result in a htm file and is not usable. It seems OK in Chrome and Firefox.

  3. shackwise11 says:

    absolutely exquisite!

  4. Your orgasms are so beautiful.
    I love it to see you rubbing your clit until your juicy cumming.
    Please more about.

  5. Blueflyte says:

    Golden girl in the golden hour, so gorgeous!

  6. Seeing you dance Nikki is heaven on God’s earth! Your tits are heaven on that dress, you are heaven on earth Nikki! I ache for the scent and smell of your panties, I ache to have them, and smell their delicious scent! Your outfit is heaven on God’s earth, you are heaven on earth Nikki! Your hairy arm pits make me ache so much Nikki! Yes my cock is throbbing to high heaven now that your panties are off! You make my cock throb, I want o bed you down and eat your hairy pussy all night long, until the sun rises, and then wake and begin eating it again! You make the pre-cum flow all from my penis with your heaven! I love seeing your free spirit flow and dance! I so wish to partake in smelling your heaven asshole and licking it, your ass spread is heaven, absolute heaven! I ache for the heaven scent of your asshole, when your dream heaven asshole contracts and opens I absolutely ache to smell it and lick its heaven on earth flavor! There is so much pre-cum flowing out of my penis, my fingers are getting on my keyboard, but that’s ok 😉 Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes when I see your hairy pussy! There is nothing on earth more beautiful than your hairy pussy Nikki! My penis is in high throbbing heaven aching for you! If you were a woman in our ancient times You would come to our village or I would meet you half way, want you and when you opened your legs-it would be sperm time, my penis would not be able to stand it and I would cum in your pussy! Like I just shot out lots of cum, keepin’ the prostate healthy-thank you so much Nikki!

  7. CTHairyFriend says:

    I love to see you naked in Nature.I hope you find some other awesome places,where
    you can do that again.

  8. Hello ”Nikki” If I just happened to be strolling by on such a remarkable light afternoon ,I lucky enough “Nikki” give’s me permission to sit where close up video is. I would have to keep asking a question, do you have a solution on hand,”to stop my glasses fogging up”.

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