Dying to get my mouth on her

Minerva and I kiss and caress in before licking each other's hairy pussy's. Damn, she tastes so good and I love how thick her bush is, how it caress's my face as I bury my tongue between her labia and slide around her big clit.

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  1. shackwise12 says

    Fabulous Vid !! With the awesome Minerva, who has the hairieeest legs !! Two way cunny, both reaching a satisfied conclusion !! Great camera angles, with sensuous vocals make for a super 15+ mins of entertainment!! Love to see plenty more of Minerva please Nikki, she’s a gem !! Your site is definitely topping the charts for sure !! Great work !! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Steve2022 says

    You should patent that POV where you’re looking upward from between the legs. That is a Nikki Silver trademark. So hot I almost can’t even believe it! You’re a pioneer in muff diving media.

    • Nikki Silver says

      It’s true, it is Nikki Silver trademark but I don’t think you can patent porn angles? The thing about becoming iconic is that, then, whenever someone shoots that angle – the viewer will be reminded of me and NN. It’s free advertising!

  3. My Lord!!!

  4. kmack1122 says

    Awesome video, would have loved to see your mouth and tongue licking, sucking, and getting that pussy sloppy wet, tongue fucking, ass to pussy licking, longer times of pussy eating, less time spent on armpits, I know it’s about buildup, I get it, but it’s the pussy and ass is where it’s at. Beautiful faces sloppily gobbling beautiful wet hairy pussies. You have the absolute best hairy women site on the web, please keep making super hairy lesbian videos but take even to the next level of just plain devouring, wet, sloppy, sweaty, crazy hungry for pussy videos. You can do this Nikki, I know you love pussy like that. Give it to us, show us how much you really do love to wash your face in a sweaty, hairy, sloppy wet, horny pussy!

  5. Arizona Cowboy says

    Nikki, you really got into this with Minerva. You obviously loved her taste and I think you even got in a lick or two of her anus. Wish we could have seen that. Perhaps another time. It is such a turn on watching you enjoy yourself so much. Keep up the good work!

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