Here is the video of Willow and Amor making sweet, lesbian love in the forest!

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  1. heihachi@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Awesome vid. I really like the close up pov style shot when Willow was eating Ivy out. mind blowing pussy licking shots like that is the best when its a bush too. The faces getting buried in a pov close up shot like that is just heavenly, wonderful.

  2. This vid is magical! What a gorgeous couple, shot beautifully! This vid is one of the main reasons I decided to join the site. Loved the variation in shots and it seemed like you followed what the ladies wanted to do. I read that you do not like repeating content but I would not be averse to seeing these two again in the future.:)

  3. OMG! One of the prettiest lesbian scenes I’ve seen in a long time! I discovered this site today and after seeing the preview clip of this scene I joined immediately from my cell phone, never did that before! So when I got home I could immediately download this clip. I am very very impressed with everything, Willow & Ivy are perfect, one in a million pairing if you ask me, Beautiful kissing throughout the film which I love, I’ve been collecting lesbian video for many years and have developed an understanding for photographic style, for example many studios use two or more cameras and the film is chopped up in editing to cut back and forth, back and forth, back and forth from shot to shot, it drives me nuts! This scene we have one camera, no cutting every 5 seconds. Also I’ve grown a distaste for what I call the roving camera operator where the camera is constantly moving around and around, twisting and turning and I’m like hold the fucking camera still! This camera operator did an excellent job, steady and long duration shots, one particular oral sex shot the camera did not move for two minutes I timed it thank you.
    Oh! and one more thing, thank you girls! may we have an encore please 🙂

    • Nikki Silver says:

      hey there lezlover,

      Since you’re new to the site i’ll tell you a bit about that shoot. Well 1- I, Nikki Silver, shoot everything(that I am not in, I have a new awesome female photographer who shot the scene of Simone and I that you saw on the front page, she’s very good and I’m training her in my style), so thank you for your compliments on the shooting!

      As far as the couple, they are not together anymore! But I think this scene is particularly good because they are a real couple. Aside from various other factors going well. I actually won an award for this scene at the Toronto International Porn Festival for ‘best lesbian vignette.’ I’m always trying to find real couples/lovers but it’s hard to find 2 women who are fully hairy, pretty and want to shoot and are available, it’s a lot of factors!

      I don’t think I can shoot these 2 again but am booking more girl/girl for 2018 and excited to see what I come up with!

  4. gatoblanco says:

    Excellent shots! My favorite are the ‘from above’ shots where all you can see is a pretty face buried in a sexy bush.

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