Enter my world…

Sorting through photos for my new book 'Unshaven' I get turned on looking at photos of a new model, I've yet to update with...I bring her photo to my bed and start touching myself...

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  1. Nikki’s smile alone could launch a thousand zippers!

    She is sensual, thoughtful, and really looks good with her panties around her ankles….Gotta love a girl who is so into her work!

  2. My favourite model by far, though the competition on here remains pretty fierce. The sexiest website owner and a woman, who becomes more beautiful every time I lay my lucky eyes on her. Pretty face, beautiful (head)hair and a figure that just gets better with age. In this clip, there are plenty of opportunities to appreciate Nikki´s shapely legs and always delicious body hair. I still remember the announcement a few months ago about the upcoming pee clips. I can´t wait to see those!

  3. shackwise11 says:

    great performance Nikki!

  4. exoticcharm23 says:

    I’ve been following you since before the ATK days, aka Raven, and when you were making your own movies. Glad to see you have come so far. Beautiful as always.

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