Fall Leaves

Sexy new video of me showing off in my short skirt in some fallen bay leaves. Come watch me show off my gorgeous all natural body and then lay down to make myself cum with my portable hitachi!

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  1. Nikki is genuinely looking sexier by the day. There could be many reasons for that, including her hair getting longer, camera work and editing constantly improving and good genes making her mature into pure perfection. A feast for the eyes.

  2. Nikki, you remind me of my ex girlfriend. Don’t worry, it’s definitely a compliment. She was my introduction to women with body hair other than a little landing strip or slightly hairy legs for “no shave November”. She is a naturalist and it changed my entire perspective on our culture.
    When I was a little kid I remember seeing the front cover of Patti Smith’s Horses album with her hairy armpits and thinking, “Oh, ladies have hair there?”. American society has been so brainwashed that children don’t even know that women naturally grow hair all over their bodies. I’s a shame. That album cover stuck with me in the back of my brain and throughout the years, every time I would see a woman with hairy pits I would have a flashback and little tingle in my pants haha.
    Anyway, just want to say that you’re beautiful and I really adore what you’re doing. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. gekko808state says

    this video saturates my day dreams in which i offer my sexual debut (virginity) to you.

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