Carver dress's up and strips naked before working for a long time to make her hairy pussy cum!

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  1. Your calves are heaven on earth magnificent heaven Carver! Your butt is round heaven perfection! My eyes are so drawn to you magnificent, heaven on God’s earth big hairy pussy, I cannot take my eyes off your big hairy dream pussy, it is heaven on earth! Your silk panties are heaven on earth, I would love to have them and smell and suck right where the panty protection, and just smell your heaven aroma and scent. One thing I would request is that models wear panties for a few days and then take them off and show us the delicious pussy remnants on them-omg!

  2. Thank you! I really enjoy Carver, she is gorgeous and so so hairy, my goodness! I love her long hair, too. It’s so long it almost reaches all the way down to her waist, and looks like it’s about to merge with her bush. Ha! Love it.

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