Felix in Her Private Garden

Sweet and innocent Felix had so much fun running around this garden. Don't her cute red stockings remind you of little red riding hood?! I bet you'd like to eat her too!!! Wouldn't you? She looked so charming exploring the garden in her flowy dress and thigh-high socks. In her sweet and sensual way, Felix grabbed ahold of some beet greens and began gliding them along her sensitive skin. She was so happy and at peace exploring her natural body in the company of the plants. You can tell it got her all worked up by the way she starts stroking and petting her wonderfully thick bush. She's such a gem, this one! A sensual and erotic cutie-pie with an incredibly naughty side to her.

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  1. Felix,
    Such a beautiful young woman. She’s like dating your first girlfriend that puts out (pardon my French, I hope I’m using the right expression). Sweet and innocent. Felix, you are so gorgeous and sooooo sexy. I love you my sweetie. Thanks for the great moments.
    Yours truly,

    • Yes, I will admit I also have a big crush on her. Hope to have her around for more shoots, she’s quite the transient fairy and I never know quite where she is.

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