My First Boy Girl: Part 1

This is the first boy/girl scene that I ever made for my site! Shephard is a real-life lover of mine and we had such a good time making this video. We start off teasing each other-- kissing and running our hands along each others craving bodies. It doesn't take long before we're taking off each others clothes and I'm getting on my knees to suck on his amazing hard cock. You can hear all of the juicy wet noises as I bob my head, taking his dick as deep inside of my throat as possible. Shephard tosses me onto the bed and begins finger-fucking my bushy cunt then moves so that I can suck him off at the same time. It was so fucking hot feeling him deep inside of me as I had his hardon in my mouth. Stay tuned for part two of this hair-tastic boy/girl scene, where Shephard fucks this hairy pussy of mine as I so deserve. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, a truly sexy and sensual video. You are seriously amazing and beautiful. Please make another one maybe boy girl, girl?

  2. rickynikki says:

    Shepherds always know the best fur when they see it.

  3. Very hot! I’d love to see you and your boy go all the way. Will there be a “Second Boy Girl!”?

  4. Don’t worry there are many parts to this video, 3 more 10-20 minute boy/girl updates with Shephard with lots of hairy pussy fucking 😉

  5. Powerful stuff there Nikki. These boy-girl videos that you made are actually the best hairy videos that I have ever seen. The Best!!! You really need to do more videos just like these. Absolutely amazing.

  6. Nikki, you seem to be the winner of the hairy nipple contest against Shephard. What a pitty, you don’t talk about this. It is soooo arousing. Especialy for a man like me, who has even less than Shephard 🙁

  7. Very erotic and sensual scene! Nikki you done it very well!

  8. EddieVedder says:

    Very nice Nikki

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