First scene with a Trans woman!

Adi is a super cute hairy babe with a beautiful cock! We make out, I sit on her face and suck her dick and finally she fucks me into an intense orgasm. This is the first scene on NaughtyNatural with a trans woman and I'm super excited! Enjoy! I highly recommend downloading it for full enjoyment.

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  1. A girl with hairy pussy, hairy ass and hairy armpits fucking with a girl with hairy armpits and… cock… it is a dream coming true… Congratulations Nikki!!! Help people to open their minds. Does a revolution !!!

  2. Waiting for more hairy girls with cock…

  3. jayc959101 says:

    I have been away for a while – and I’m so impressed to return to find this new (to me) video. You were very ‘brave’ to do this shoot and I’m so glad you did. T-girls in mainstream porn are so often fake and misrepresented . I have known a few T-girls in my time and they make love so sweetly and in total contrast to the way you see it on other sites. The way you portrayed Adi is totally different,showing her the utmost love and respect. And you display (and use!) her cock to its best advantage,yet all the time showing her understanding and love. It’s great. The shots of Adi fucking you from behind are a sight to behold – a real turn-on. That girl can sure move her hips! Excellent!
    I hope Adi comes to Australia one day – we have some dedicated T-girl followers down here!
    All the best……

  4. ddmunhoz says:

    Amazing Nikki, perfect video. So sweet and lovely. Please do more content like this.

  5. Amazing video, both of you ladies are absolutely stunning! Would love to see some more transwomen/men content.

  6. If you are shooting such a content girld-Trans. frequently I personally will extend my membership for ever. Fantastic.

  7. 😳 surprise ! Loved it. That was a really hot scene. Love your open mindedness.

  8. canklelover says:

    Miss Nikki thank you so much for this video! Miss Adi is so pretty and so sexy. She really knows how to use that very pretty cock! I’d love to see more of Adi with yourself, other lovely ladies, or solo. She is a great addition to the site!

  9. LOVE that armpit licking. What a sexy way to open. Truly enthusiastic!

  10. Great video.

  11. preese01 says:

    NIKKI !!!! All I can say is WOW !!!!! Wish I were there to be a part of this. Gawd…!!!!

  12. Jackpot!!! The wonders of this site never cease to amaze. The amazing natural hair is incredible enough to keep me intoxicated. But discovering Nikki taking a cock from a gorgeous tgirl is beyond awesome. I’d love to get between the two of them and play.

  13. hirsutelover102 says:

    Very sexy video would love to see more hairy trans women on the site if you find anymore that is wouldn’t be too upset lol great video

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