Fit and Hairy

Rion shows off her super fit body, bathed in sunlight, every inch the picture of muscular, strong, hairy, feminine perfection, before masturbating from behind and the front.

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  1. smithijor21 says

    Such a pretty pussy lips!

  2. iancarlson755 says

    Great physique! And maybe just my screen… But vids with this background seem to lose a bit of texture and contour.. I think because of the bright background. Great shoot otherwise!

  3. person123abc says

    Agree with above comment. Too much glare from background.

  4. Nikki Silver says

    I agree. I shoot backlit a lot but some spots are harder than others, this one seemed to really give hot spots to parts of the models body etc. This was shot over 2 years ago so, not shooting in this exact style, location or camera anymore anyways.

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