Fluffy Bush

Carver shows off her beautiful long long hair and big fluffy bush!

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  1. Hello M/s Zse Zse THANK YOU. Your BODY movements perfectly cooridinated gracefully. So M/s NIKKI iam not sure how to say in english words correctly. Firstly usb place in TV now rewatch sitting between 1 to 2.5 mtrs away , please intermittenly Pause still (multipul) , “stand” then look at screen from different angles high and low moving side to side. Notice anything. Zero to 8.32 perfect Video capture (including Zse syes) 8.30 IS what I call SYMMETRICAL EQUILIBRIUM .Is it possible yourself ,M/s Zse Zse ,M/s Katie Z ,Redo same,then After the 8.31 please Lower Video so as to look Up into your cutely HAIRY domain. I have never expected to obtain a video as accomplished good as this. I m in AWE

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