Just posted the behind the scenes version of this scene so check it out for a little comparison and vision into my process. Or ignore all that and just jerk off to a super hot hairy girl spreading her pink pussy and showing off her amazing ass before making herself cum.

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  1. shackwise10 says:

    excellent video, just adore Joey’s amazing hairy legs !!

  2. I adore her as well. I have a few more solo videos of her and then I’m shooting her with Juliette March in a few days so lots more of her gorgeous hairy body to cum!

  3. What a beauty! Waht a beautiful pussy! One of the best I*ve ever seen!

  4. swimbo1221 says:

    Joey is gorgeous -this was a great video. Please shoot more of her

  5. dmckenzie says:

    wow would love to see her with Nikki

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