4K! Freya makes you eat her hairy pussy

Freya catches you with her dirty underwear and she is MAD! To punish you she makes you lick her hairy pussy till she cums.

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  1. shackwise12 says

    Wow a super 11+ mins of the gorgeous Freya, in dominant mood!! Having caught you with her panties in your room, Freya commences to chastise and humiliate you in a super erotic scene! Freya instructs you to put your tongue into her gorgeous hairy pussy and lick her clit, take a good smell and taste, do it ’till I cum orders Freya! She accuses you of being a real perv, having yet more of her panties in your room! Freya emits some lovely sighs and moans accompanied by heavy breathing, as you lick her pussy and clit! Ok I’m gonna take over now she says, rubbing herself with ever increasing gusto, building to a wonderful crescendo! Holding one of her beautiful breasts Freya reaches her climax, then as the tempo gradually decreases we are treated to the sight of one of Freya’s super hairy calves, as a great finale!! This was an awe-inspiring vid, show-casing Freya in a great dominant role, which suited her perfectly!! Super stuff again Nikki, Freya scores a well deserved 10/10 !!

  2. CunningLinguist says

    What’s better than requesting to eat a girl’s hairy pussy? Her taking matters into her own hands and make you eat her out, of course! Freya Mars is another prime example of NN-models only getting sexier as time goes by. I keep telling Nikki she should make it a tagline. “Naughty Natural. Our models get hotter with age.”

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