4K! Hairy Lingerie

Freya shows off her amazing hairy body in sexy lingerie!

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  1. Beautiful pussy! excellent color combination on the lingerie selection, red shoes!

  2. Nice!

  3. shackwise12 says:

    Here’s the super attractive Freya, I think one of Nikki’s best models! Set in a lovely room, we see Freya wearing gorgeous lingerie, seamed, tan stockings and towering red heels! Freya has a superb figure, with nicely hairy pits and legs. With some sensual movements, Freya displays her beautiful body, running her hands over her self, producing some lovely rustling sounds! As Freya sits down in an elegant chair we are treated to a glorious close-up of her hairy legs under fabulous nylon! Each hair crisply clear, and crossing her shapely legs, sets the pulse racing! Off come the panties, followed by the bra, and Freya gives us a lovely smile and provocative look ! Sitting back in the chair, next follows the build-up to a fantastic climax, with Freya moaning and vigorously rubbing her gorgeous pussy! An excellent 12 min vid, showcasing a super attractive model in glorious attire!!

  4. mrtallpaul says:

    Truly a beautiful and breathtaking all-natural woman!!!

  5. temping333222 says:

    Freya is so gosh darn beautiful !!

  6. temping333222 says:

    Would she be interested in doing a shoot with Jane I wonder?

  7. Shorterton says:

    Freya kind of reminds me of old Betty Page pictures you used to see in porn magazines with her hair like that and her costume, much better in living color than b/w and Freya being extra hairy and sexier! Good work ladies.

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