Golden Hour

I love workin' my all natural body, bending, curving and stretching so you can see every bit of my hairy goodness. After I've gotten you nice and heated, I lay out my blanket and finish off with a powerful orgasm!

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  1. Yes!!!! My favorite mathematical formula: va + va = VOOM!

    Thank you, my Manhattan Mink!

    P.S. You never have to apologize for the brevity or longevity of your videos. 🙂

  2. BritGuySteve says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a quickie. Especially if it involves Nikki!

  3. Wonderful fall lighting illuminates Nikki in a golden aura for a golden girl.
    Our favorite nature girl glows as she “O”s!

  4. necrogirl69 says:

    so beautiful

  5. Hairylover75 says:

    Nikki + Outdoor that is my favourite !

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