Golden Sun + Pee

I walk you through worshipping my hairy armpits in my garden, it gets so turned on my pussy starts dripping and I just have to have you lick my pussy. Before you know it I'm gushing and pissing and filling your mouth!

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  1. Soulbear42 says

    I love when you do pics and a videos outside. You absolutely glow in the sunlight!

  2. BOND5000 says

    Oh my goodness Nikki, you are so thick, I love your beautiful panties! I remember a while ago a woman made the news (I live in the worst place on earth, Utah) because she wanted to tan while she gardened & did so in a swimsuit. Well all the neighbor women & men looked at her with binoculars, the women called the police on her and they made her cease & desist from such activity. Your tits look so full in your bra Nikki & when they come out! And that heaven bush-OMG! OMG, I would love to smell & then lick your sweaty, hairy armpit, I want to know your scent, it makes me penis hard just thinking of your scent & your thickness!!! I love your glistening wet pussy Nikki, your hairy pussy is the smell I want most of all!!! OMG, your pussy is so wet, my penis aches to feel your slipperiness!!! OMG, Nikki, the greatest heaven on earth would be to drink your delicious pee!!! I want to taste your asshole, & smell it’s heaven scent & lick back & forth from your hairy pussy to your asshole & take your boots off & smell your feet & lick between & suck your toes!!!

  3. Steve2022 says

    The director in Nikki comes out even when she’s in front of the camera! Oh and Happy Birthday by the way!! We love and appreciate ya so much!

  4. Floridafunandsun says

    Gorgeous, Nikki! You have such a beautiful voice as well.

  5. all4nikki says

    You are so beautiful. I would love for you to take me to the garden. I would worship every inch of you and consume all of your wonderful juices. So sexy. So beautiful. So arousing. I want to be your good boy! Love you!

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