Hairy All Stars

A window into two site favorites, Simone and Vestacia's private hang out time. This wild babe's love to dance and flirt with each other, leading to lots of kissing, armpit licking, naked dancing and petting, and lots of hairy pussy licking! Simone enjoys Vestacia's large breasts and Vestacia sucks on Simone's large labia. Ending with some passionate strap on fucking!

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  1. jstewart says:

    This is one of the hottest videos in months! Thanks Nikki!!!!

  2. marioChile says:

    Amazing, i love Simone

  3. They are indeed fantastic together. Very hot! I love it!

  4. gatoblanco says:

    This is one of the absolute best hairy girl websites out there. Once again this video surpasses all expectations. The chemistry between the beautiful ladies, the close ups and the kissing and licking. More than anything else. the story is believable. Great job again!

  5. gatoblanco says:

    Oh, by the way…I am still looking forward to seeing some hot hippie girls with dreadlocks sometime. HINT_HINT

  6. Longerton says:

    Nikki, you are to be complemented for putting this one together. Both ladies look and perform exquisitely. Where you found Vestacia Dahhlink is beyond me. I am completely envious of of Simone Delilah in every way having a fun job like that. May there be many more please.

  7. User123abc says:

    Those POV shots of hairy pussy being eaten are the most INCREDIBLE video I have ever seen… All the POV pussy eating videos you have done are out of this world.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Someone suggested the POV pussy licking shot and then I started shooting it and everyone loved it and now it’s my signature shot! You will need the quantity of quality of this type of shot anywhere else on the internet!

  8. This site needs to have more lesbian videos. Solo videos are too many compared to girl/girl.

  9. temp123456 says:

    This is possibly the best video I’ve ever come across. When there was arm licking, oh boy, it was on.
    The angles and use of natural light. To top it all off with a strapon, this was such a treat
    Shooting from behind head view, that is such a great position. Thankyou for this masterpiece. It will go down in history as one of the best ever, if not, THE
    The bush feasting, that’s your thing for sure. Never seen anyone else shoot that way
    Thankyou Queen Bush Mistro, thankyou Simone, Vestacia
    I can’t believe that happened. That video alone was worth the price of admission

  10. temp123456 says:

    Now I’m thinking, can we see someone licking Vestacia’s leg hair?
    And I’ll just throw it out there, can we see some back licking. There is often plenty of fuzz just above the bum too. That seems like an un tapped area. I’m sure the Sun Ninja can work her magic on the angles to highlight that area. I only ever see glimpses. I’m sure ppl will go for that
    Take care

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thanks for the ideas! Next time I shoot Vestacia we will shoot her legs getting licked and I will experiment on how to shoot the furry lower back. That hair is always lighter in color so it will be a challenge to make it visible but I appreciate your confidence in me!

  11. neversaydie says:


    Thanks a ton for this one.
    Absolutely outstanding camera work.
    On top of your incredibly hot looks you have major talents with the camera.
    Keep up your Excellent Work !!!

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