Hairy Ass Licking Lesbians

Vivi brings some comic's over to Luka's house for them to read together. Both girls are in loose PJ type clothing showing off their svelt hairy legs and perky nipples poking through their content shirts. Vivi starts playing with herself and Luka notices this horny girl getting more turned on by these kinky, comics they are reading. The girls start wrestling and soon are kissing and licking each others hairy armpits, Vivi straddles Luka and pinches her nipples hard while Luka's armpits are exposed. Then the girls switch and Luka pulls Vivi's little green shorts off revealing a sheer, lace white thong which barely covers her super dark bush. Eventually both girls are fully naked and that's when the hairy ass licking fun really begins...

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  1. shackwise11 says:

    top-knotch vid, can’t wait for Luka in a stockings/heels set!

  2. Nikki Silver says:

    Do you guys like this video? I think it’s pretty top notch as well and made sure to include LOTS of licking like you requested.

    Girl/Girl videos cost me about 6 times as much to produce as solo scenes so unless I hear a lot of enthusiastic yes’s about shooting them, I may cut back. However if you all are super stoked on them and want more – tell me so, and tell me what you want to see!

    • kmack111 says:

      Yes, I am super duper stoked Nikki. And yes PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make more girl/girl videos. As an avid girl/girl porn lover, I can say that if you continue with these videos and the hairy pussy and asshole eating (making sure it’s wet sweaty, and sucking it with passion showing us you love it 😉 , you will be the girl/girl pussy licking championship site of the decade! lol
      I would LOVE to see, Pretty much what you already do, a scene where maybe you and Simone are noticeably hot and sweaty, haven’t showered yet, maybe since the day before, where your pussy hair is matted, that tell tale sign it’s been locked up in those panties all day smelling sweet and sweaty like a real woman’s pussy should. Lots of passion, showing us you love women/pussy and ass. Rubbing your whole face in there, smelling that sweet sweaty pussy and ass, making her orgasm. A nice face riding scene, grinding that sweaty pussy and ass all over your lovers mouth as she sucks and licks you to orgasm. The smell of a pussy that’s been brewing and sweaty drives me insane, so to know your enjoying it just the same will make the ultimate scene. What do you think Nikki?

      • Nikki Silver says:

        Hi there,

        Thank you for this, super hot and helpful! I also love natural smells, pussy, armpits etc I have a few girl/girl scenes coming up I think you all will really like but once I book some new ones maybe I’ll really focus on a pussy/ass licking and face sitting kind of scene? That is the direction I’ve been going but I’m gathering is you want even more focus on that and visual evidence the model is sweaty/fragrant (too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision).


        • kmack111 says:

          Thank you Nikki, please focus on that :):) I can’t wait to see you working your nose and face into those huge furry pussies. Yes, to be able to tell you are smelling “womanly fragrant” and that you enjoy it, takes it to another level. Uninhibited hungry oral lust, driven from the smells of an un showered sweaty woman. No showers, no massage oils, just plain ole hot sweaty sex between two woman who truly really love pussy. Smell-o-Vision would be incredible lol
          Can’t wait for new scenes Nikki 🙂

          • Nikki Silver says:

            It is hard to convey smell over video and then the added issue of really ‘diving in’ is that the viewer is unable to see the action. I usually make sure to get a close up where we can see the actual anus and labia/clit being licked and then tell the models ‘go ahead, do your thing’ and then they dive in and really get at it. I’m glad to know members like seeing that as well as I sometimes worry you all will be disapointed at not seeing the action but honestly, it is so hard to film pussy and ass licking and be able to see everything is you’re really doing a ‘good job’ at it. I know the best head I get is when someones really devouring my pussy!!

    • one of best i’ve seen. thank you.

  3. mecho11 says:

    Nicely done, Luka and Vivi are in fine form here, quite playful, & imaginative!

    Not to detract from this at all, but to respond to your question, I still prefer Solo scenes. I think the intimacy is greater since you need focus on one model only…and she gets to be the “star, leading lady, and action scene all wrapped in one. No need for a stunt double here!

    Girl/girl videos inherently require the use of “2 shots” which place you further away from the hairy action. Maybe it’s just me, but your Hairy Solo videos are the ones I treasure the most and replay in my mind over and over and over…

  4. burdahj says:

    beautiful girls

  5. gnoda42 says:


  6. tellmewhatyoulike says:

    Lovely girls

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