Hairy Bath

I found a gorgeous outside bath and naturally had to make a video of myself masturbating in it!

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  1. What an incredibly beautiful and exciting video to watch. The slow reveal of Nikki´s flawless figure, the body hair close ups, the gentle pace and lovely natural lighting; Nikki is the sort of director/model, who listens attentively to people´s suggestions and then proceeds to create something even better than even the most jaded member of NN had dared hope for. At around 11.45 minutes into the video, my pulse went skyrocketing. It gets even better after with the best close up shot I have ever seen on NN. Breathtaking view!

  2. Hello Nikki , I would like to see you in Action video

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Can we see more new lesbian scenes of yours please. You are the best.

  4. shackwise12 says

    you make great vids Nikki!

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