Hairy Best Friends

Freya and I chat and caress in our lacey underthings. We lick and worship each others hairy armpits, passionatly kiss with wet, open mouths and undress each other, admiring each and every hair before devouring each others hairy pussys.

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  1. nerdboner says

    I came after 20 minutes. Didn’t even need to finish the video. This website never disappoints.

  2. Awesome, I missed these videos.

  3. Wonderful Nikki, I will more seen from Lesbian Scence , i like you in this position. You must make more
    Lesbian , I hope This an I love it.

  4. Fantastic! I love it! For sure one of the hottest videos you have ever made, Nikki. Please keep up your fantastic work.

  5. cloudsinmycoffee says

    Great start with the kissing/tongue play. The rim job you gave Freya was oh so good. I can’t think of anything more erotic than licking a woman’s butthole. If it’s hairy, even better!

  6. valgabr19 says

    Love the scissoring at the end. Any lesbian videos should have that.

  7. preese01 says

    Mot Beautiful Legs !!

  8. gatoblanco says

    Excellent from beginning to end again!

  9. Why so less lesbian videos? You should upload more @nikki

    • Nikki Silver says

      You currently get one full, (ie photos, and almost hour long video) girl/girl scene per month and soon, every other month I will be putting up a ‘hairy casting couch’ video. So soon there will be a girl/girl video every month. Yr welcome!

  10. Hello pretty Nikki, I am a French who just discovered you and I am very seduced by your charms. I also like the delicious Freya. could you make a scene with Freya and little Kisa. I would like a lot of cunnilingus … I kiss you tenderly. Gaele

  11. This shoot is the main reason I joined! Not only is the pairing of Nikki/Freya one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen, the slips are beautiful. I’m a big fan of hairy women in sexy outfits. Anything silk/satin/nylon over hairy pussies and armpits is awesome. Also love pantyhose and swimsuits, especially when it’s 2 women in them. I know you have a few, more would be great!

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