Hairy Body Tour!

I know you've been admiring Olive's wonderfully hirsute body but now you get a complete and thorough tour of each and every single hair! This is a long one, as there are SO many hairs to tour!

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  1. alphaofthepack77 says

    shes beautiful

  2. frederic thibault says

    wow she is incredible one of the hairiest woman

  3. truloverofhairywomen says

    Beautiful just beautiful…my kinda woman…would luv to lick her from head to toe…Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lick lick…From a TRULOVEROFHAIRYWOMEN

  4. Olive takes dirty talk to another dimension! If that’s improvised on the spot it’s even more impressive. Some super arousing dialogue there Olive!

  5. takenakagawa1 says

    Wow! You are so amazing, Olive. I love every inch of your wild and gorgeous hair so much. Thank you for showing your every single hair with close ups as well as clear images this time. It’s really a blissful moment for me to see your spectacular trifecta hair(so dark, so thick and so long) as always. Thank you, Olive.

  6. shackwise12 says

    Fabulous vid of the now legendary Olive! Lovely dark hair adorns her beautiful figure, with extremely hairy legs, and not forgetting that awesome bottom, wow !! Pits, treasure trail and toes complete, but hang on there, what about that marvellous pussy, omg !! Olive takes us thro’ this sumptious jungle, culminating in a breathy and erotic close-up of a gorgeous pink pussy and clit!! An all time fav of mine and I’m sure many, many more fans, who subscribe to Nikki’s wonderful NN site !! A definite top ten vid !! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. She is my absolute favorite

  8. Donnapelosa52 says

    A fantastic hairy woman olive

  9. Donnapelosa52 says

    fantastic Olive

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