Hairy Casting Couch 2!

Jane contacted about modeling for NaughtyNatural. I have her come over for a casting interview but I'm so entranced by this hairy beauty I can't help but have some fun with her. Lucky for me she is game and loves eating hairy pussy!

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  1. Speechless. 😍😍😍

  2. canklelover says:

    Excellent video! Thank you Miss Jane for joining the site! You are such a sexy beauty with amazing hair! Especially love your hairy feet, butt crack, and mustache! Miss Nikki I agree that there’s something special about a lady with a mustache!

  3. shackwise11 says:

    this I enjoyed very much Nikki, Jane ticks all the right boxes!

  4. AdamFinkler says:

    Nikki, when you kissed her, I bet her facial hair felt great on your lips.

  5. schnaps111 says:

    A fantastic video of two extraordinary beautiful ladies! I would love to see more of you together.

  6. MAXINER says:

    Another excellent job displaying her hairy parts but left out her gorgeous arm hair. Look forward for more of Jane in the future.

  7. artsychiguy says:

    super sexy!

  8. Bobbyf22 says:


    Great vid. You two are the hottest women in the world.
    So sexy!!!


  9. Well the only way to top that one is to add another playmate. Hint, hint!

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