Hairy Casting Couch 4! Minerva Fury

Welcome exceptionally furry and sensual Minerva Fury! Will she pass this audition to be a model for NaughtyNatural ? Only if she can make Nikki cum as hard as Nikki makes her! Featuring new split screen feature that shows off *all* of the hairy pussy licking action!

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  1. Wow! Amazing hairy legs, what a turn on hope we get to see more of that incredible hairy body and very lovely bush!!

  2. More! More! More! Minerva has such great and lovely body hair! Would love to see more of her hairy legs and bush!

  3. CunningLinguist says

    Not only is Minerva exceptionally furry, but she also has one of the cutest faces in the history of N&N. You just fall instantly in love with her the moment you see her. To top it off, she also has one of the sexiest moustaches ever featured on N&N. I’d propose pairing her with Jane in a video that emphasizes heavily on making out.

    I also couldn’t help but think how sexy Nikki looks with that messy bun. I also propose an oily hair feature, featuring two ladies loosening their messy buns and praising each other on how sexy they look with their hair unwashed.

  4. shackwise12 says

    this is just so brilliant, let’ have as many varied sets/vids as possible of this super hairy goddess!

  5. Nikki, this is a home run. I’d love to see more of the sexy Minerva. She is super hot!

  6. Her hairy legs ans thighs are hot. Love to see closeup of her arms.

  7. Absolutely beautiful. 2 requests for further viewing:
    1 two girls licking Mernavas pits at the same time. Two tongues on one armpit.
    2 more saliva and dripping from tongues into the beautiful hairy armpit hollows.
    Thanks In advance

  8. She has a great site on Instagram.

  9. Frankstein55 says

    di lei mi piacciono le gambe superpelose che ha i peli delle sue gambe sono favolosi

  10. Can we please thank her boyfriend for convincing her to grow it out. I’d like to see him pleasuring her on camera

  11. bushman1942 says

    Absolutely sexy beautiful !!!!!!!!

  12. richacoeurdeL says

    Hi, I prefer Minerva in SOLO, please ! She is one of those famous hairy models as Harley, Kisa, Bella Mae, … best in solo !

  13. nice, armpit licking

  14. very thick bush!!! I love it! More Girl on Girl action….

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