Hairy Cleaner

Katie is doing some cleaning in her short jean skirt. She tires out pretty quickly though and decides masturbating would be a better use of her time.

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  1. It always feels like a gift to see Katie back on NN. It´s one thing for her to cater to all things hairy and natural, but she is a world class beauty, regardless of anyone´s personal preferences. She towers above categorisation and fetish mongering. What a stunning looking woman.

  2. she is so perfect, that she seems out of a story of fairy tale 😍😉

  3. With Nikki being so open to suggestions, I have just realised that I have never expressed my appreciation of saggy breasts. At least not in the comments section on NN. It probably has to do with them looking more womanly, and less girly. More mature and developed, if you will. Watching a pair of beautiful boobs hang low, while moving naturally back and forth always gets me excited. That view is captured so perfectly in this video, where the camera looks up at Katie´s boobs while she scrubs the kitchen floor. Amazing! I may have written this before, but are you a mind reader, Nikki?

  4. true believer says:

    She has the most incredible body on your site since Maggie Mayhem.

  5. Bobbyf22 says:


    You are so sexy!!! Great video. I loved watching you on
    your knees. XOXO


  6. I love Katie’s body – especially her bum. I love Katie’s giggles when she farted. That was so intimate and sexy! Katie is a sexy woman, pretty and confident. Love her!

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