Hairy Desert Lesbians

Hairy Desert Woman; Vestacia finds the poor Jane needing a drink of water. She ends up giving her much more than that as the two beauties kiss, caress and adore each other's body hair, they get naked and frolick in the desert before coming back to the oasis to lick each other's pussies in all kinds of positions.

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  1. celerylover says:

    Those little strings of saliva you can see in the kissing close-ups…love love love!

  2. Love the close up kissing and licking. Love the facial hair. Great job Nikki!! YUM!!!

  3. noobsaibot says:

    I love this scene… The look down camera shots were beautiful, close up look down face buried in bush shots are the best.

  4. Noob Saibot says:

    My only gripe about this scene is the facesitting pov face buried in bush shot only last for like 16 seconds, you should of holded it there for a least a minute you know. Vestacia should do more Girl/Girl scenes, she’s too good not to.

  5. soltyspl says:

    would love to see Vestacia squatting on else girl face and riding tongue

  6. CunningLinguist says:

    As much as I adore hairy cunnilingus (and hairy anilingus), the best part of this video is the close-up of Jane and Vestacia kissing, highlighting Jane’s beautiful ladystache. Up until recently, I used to struggle with female facial hair, but Jane finally broke that spell for me. I would love to see her paired up with a model who has a similar amount of facial hair (some fuzzy cheeks would be nice). And have them kiss all over each other faces for the entire duration of the video.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      That would be a lovely video! Who would you like to see Jane paired with for that?

      • CunningLinguist says:

        I can’t think of any model in particular. I’d say any lady who’s comparable to Jane in the moustache departement (more upper lip growth than yours, Nikki, but not as much as cute Kisa’s). It would be a nice bonus if the other lady had some subtle yet noticable fuzz on her cheeks as well. Come to think of it, is getting rid of facial hair a common thing amongst NaughtyNatural models or are there only a few ladies doing this?

        • Nikki Silver says:

          I think you may be a bit too picky in this regard. I am always looking for new hairy models to shoot so one comes along that fits this bill I’ll happily shoot her with Jane but it’s a bit specific.

          Regarding NaughtyNatural models shaving their faces: Kisa shaved her face for one photoset up of her long ago and other than that, to the best of my knowledge, no NN ever has. Seems you think all women grow hair on their faces? Just as body hair, it varies widely from person to person, just as for men, some grow a lot of hair, some hardly any.

          That is why finding beautiful hairy models with facial hair is so special because it only happens for a small percentage of the population. I don’t know why you would think we’d be denying you the pleasure of viewing our hairy faces!

      • Hairy Henderson says:

        I completely agree with Cunning. I’d love to see Jane and Serai. thats my dream pick/pairing for a lady-stache kissing scene. Thank you Nikki for such wonderful content, you are awesome.

  7. Ohh my… i would sell my soul to be between Vestacia’s llegs..

  8. The closeup of Jane with her nose burried in Vestacia’s bush, that’s quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. It’s so clear and so damn hot. I’m a bit lost for words right now. Heart stopper
    Thanks so much for getting these 2 fine ladies together.
    Has Vestacia got possibly the best boobs on the net?

  9. And great location, wow. That was an amazing moment in time. Love the pan at the end. Desert plants are so interesting. Such a harsh environment but breathtakingly beautiful.
    Sorry I’m a plant geek, always notice background plants in porn

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Do NOT apologize for being a plant geek! You are the members I am seeking! People who appreciate my natural back drops as well as the models! I am a plant nerd myself so please, stay a member and talk plants to me! xoxoxo

  10. robleg007 says:

    Hi Nikki, very nice and two stunning models , would be perfect if you would include nice views from behind of both of them when bending over to give a good views of a their beautiful bottoms and pussies .😃

  11. Shorterton says:

    First rate show ladies!

  12. neversaydie says:

    Great production Nikki !!!!

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