Hairy Garden Gals in Stunning 4K!

Freya and Delphine were put to work weeding my tulsi (holy basil) but they couldn't help but giggle and flirt. Soon Freya is pulling Delphine in for a kiss and the rest is history! These two frolick and worship each other's hair in the garden before returning inside for even naughtier fun...

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  1. CunningLinguist says:

    Still in the process of catching up on the videos from the last few months, but this one is true price winner. Freya and Delphine have set a new standard for girl-girl adorableness. Seeing them together is not only arousing, but you simply can’t help feeling touched seeing these two cuties together. Not to mention notice the mutual pleasure on giving and receiving oral.

  2. bigdickwill says:

    Nikki, I loved this video. Freya and Dephine look so hot in their high waisted shorts and the scene were Dephine’s getting fingered from behind and her juices dripped off her bush almost did me in. Two curvy, hairy bodies….awesome. Thank you!!!

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