Hairy Glitter

Simone is dressed up in black lace and gold jewelry for you, watch in anticipation as she reveals her huge, fluffy dark bush and gorgeous meaty labia!

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  1. Simone’s pits, something of great intrigue. Great closeup shot where you could see both pits. Small bit but with slow mo and custom rewind, I can see myself watching that for 5 or so mins. Good angle sniping there Nikki. Simone has the double pits, bit at top and bottom. Can’t ask for much more than that. They look like so much fun. They look so soft, perfect shape for optimal fun. Looks like she just dried herself after a shower. How on earth do they stay like that after being outside. They are indeed an international treasure. Hall of fame perhaps, one could even argue, the G.O.A.T
    Is it just me or is she looking hotter with age? She’s always looked smoking but it feels like she’s been around the traps for a fair while. Well, she must be doing something right.
    I wonder if Simone would be up for an Instructional Tossing vid? I wouldn’t mind hearing her tell me what to do. When those are done right, are they just the best thing or what.
    I wonder what the models think when they read the comments. Hopefully they have a laugh
    Enjoyed this vid very much, thanks for sharing.
    Stay hairy Simone, please. Also, loving the long hair, suits you. Shorter hair was sexy too when I stop and think about it. I think the longer hair highlights your eyes more
    Thanks girls

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