Hairy Hiker

Jane's on a hike in the desert and decides to get naked and take in the beauty fully before masturbating.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful girl, and I loved the closeups, some of the best I’ve ever seen. This is such a great site. I enjoy when the girls seem to enjoy the shoot. Love those hairy legs, really do it for me. And her armhair is outstanding also. I would love to see a video of her with Joey Mynx, or Teddy Snowflower, or Tanya, of all 4, whichever is easier 😉
    Girls do the best camerawork from what I’ve seen since I’ve come across hairy sites
    Is there any chance we could see some of the girls with their male partners, even if she’s just rubbing her armhair on his old fella. Is there anything even like that out there. That’s my thing and I’ve never seen it anywhere
    Thanks again girls.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      You are very welcome! I am somewhat obsessed with close up shots, can you tell? Getting them crystal clear in focus and artfully lite etc, really excites me!

      Thanks for the suggestions! Regarding more boy/girl shoots, members haven’t seemed nearly as excited about them as they are about girl/girl, so I haven’t prioritized them. I’ve also found that members will get upset if there isn’t sex in a video, if there is more than one person. So I probably wouldn’t want to post a boy/girl video with no sex in it.

      Anyways, clearly I am juggling the desires of many people, who all have different desires, though centered around the same thing, beautiful hairy women! If you would like to order a custom arm hair dick rubbing video that can certainly be arranged, I do believe Jane would be available for such a video – email me –


      • I would imagine it is very tough to juggle what everyone wants, some say too many closeups, some say not enough and thats just one thing. I dont envy the job you have in that regard.
        I will contact you after the xmas period about the custom made vid
        Thanks again for being obsessed, I love closeup shots too, especially when the camera is next to the model’s head when laying on her back, looking towards her bush, with tummy fuzz showing, she doesnt even need to be doing anything, just that angle makes one feel like they are laying there with her. Then a slow closeup pan from head to toe. I also LOVE back shots, again closeup and the panning. That’s something I find is even rarer.
        Whoever did the vids for AB Winters around 2011 seemed to have plenty of that style. Not now
        Ok then Miss Nikki, will email you later.
        Merry Xmas
        Ps. Can’t wait to see the latest Bush Explosion vid. You really know how to blow a mind. If I may say so, your body hair and the way you conduct yourself, especially how sensual you were in those HC vids with your partners, Summer Shorts in particular, you were so present with your lover, like you blocked the fact the camera was there, that really did it for me, the way you looked at him, thats the sort of HC I want to watch, not people who dont want to be there and who don’t have a connection
        You know how certain things in a vid that really gets you up for it, just a few seconds even and you cant stop thinking about it, there’s one scene in that Summer Shorts vd… i better stop rambling now and mention it in the email instead

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