Hairy in Pearls

Vestacia shows off in her lacey one piece with her big fluffy blonde bush sticking out before fucking herself with a dildo and making herself cum!

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  1. Ok, at the start, that outfit is already doing it for me. She fills out a pair of jeans so beutifully.
    And just when I thought her sets were finished, here you go and send us all a belated Xmas pressy.
    I just love her breasts in that top, this is going to be something
    LOVE the pan up when dildo is happening, hovering over those lovelies.
    Time flew in that. Great end bit too with dong rubbing on that wild bush, plenty of followup study to be had there.
    There’s just something about blonde body hair. Break out the confession box;
    It all started back at high school which felt like just yesterday. Going from one class to another, it’s all crowded, walking along, there’s a buildup and everyone is almost at a stop, then out of nowhere, not seeking it, the inner part of my leg brushes against the inner leg of a girl, I look down and see her blonde leg hair. Something happened to me after that. I’ve never forgotten how that felt, out of this world. From that moment on I’ve been into leg hair, arm hair. I’m sort of a recent convert to darker hair. That crept up on me. Girls like Joey Mynx probably did that for me. And if there are freckles present, even better. That’s why I really like Jane, she has the perfect freckles on her arms for my taste.
    There’s nothing worse when you’re watching something on tv and there’s a closeup of an arm, you can see hair, you start getting excited, then they pan up and it’s a dude
    Ok, confession over.
    After hearing some of the interviews on the site, I have to agree that growing hair out is sexy. It’s so primal. I’m glad you’ve given women an outlet, it seems empowering to them from where I’m looking. And we the audience benefit greatly. A symbiotic relationship if you will.
    What is Ana Kisa up to? Her leg hair is a thing of beauty. She might be up for some HC playtime with her partner, that is if they are still together. I saw them on another site a while back. Good chemistry. He was a hairy dude, not that I’m into that (not that there’s anything wrong with it 😉
    Might go thru Vestacia’s previous vids, I remember the Sun Ninja going med-evil on those legs in a few of them. Might be the one that made it look like you were spying on her thru the reeds, maybe in the river
    Would love to see Vestacia and Teddy Snowflower giving slow massages or just hands gliding on legs, arms, back. Plus, Tanya, where is the lovely Tanya hiding out at. When I saw her face on your site when about to signup, I skipped a beat. Freckles armhair perfect, nearly as good as Teddy.
    I’m exhausted,

  2. I just have to say this: temp1234 has just written the best comment I have ever read on NN. Keep it up, brother!

  3. G’day EN. Would you by any chance be someone who used to comment on the bodyhair newsgroups back in 2008 or so? I went by the name Peace there.
    Ok, next topic- Monogamy (after watching the Willow & Ivy scene). Those 2 are such a sweet couple. Was it they or someone else that was talking about Monogamy in the interview vid? It’s something I haven’t really thought much about but recently I saw a documentary by Louis Theroux who delved into it. He went to Oregon and interviewed people actively involved in that type of relationship. Was a real eye opener. When you think about it just from a survival point of view, it’s giving your genes a better chance to make it. Better emotional support, financial too in some cases. My GF reckons I like the idea just so I can have a 3some.
    One of the girls he interviewed said her love for guy A is now stronger because of her love for guy B. And I get that cuz you can get a bit stale in a relationship and whatever works, works. I mean my GF has no armhair, leg hair, freckles. Nice bush and some pits which is really great but the first 3 would be more favourable. I love her with all my heart and I promised her I’d never leave her so that’s it, not going back on that BUT…. the thought of this monogamy thing is interesting. One probably needs an open mind if it is to be explored. I could see my other half feeling very inadequate at just the mention of it in a serious context. Could be a can of worms that don’t go back in the jar if you know what I mean.
    Thoughts anyone? How does one approach the possibility. Cuz the thing my GF got out of the doco was that some of the women were just being selfish. She sticks up for men more than women, my girl. I’m always having to defend women with her.
    But if you’ve never seen a Louis Theroux doco, they’re very interesting. Can probably get some on youtube. He tends not to take a side or have an agenda. Picks an obscure topic and lets the people tell their story, follows them around, checks in with them later, often tries the thing out he’s exploring. The Monogamy one is in a series called Altered States, released about a month ago
    Take care, chat ya later

    • Hi, temp.

      I haven´t heard of the newsgroup you mention, so that one remains a mystery. Back in 2008, I only knew of a small handful of hairy outlets, which in my case began with the now defunct HairToStay website/magazine started by Pam Winter in Massachusetts in the mid-90s. She did great work, and I became hooked. Rodney Moore was my other outlet 15 years ago or so. Then came a couple of the by now well known hairy membership sites, but for the last many years, I have limited my time to NN. I think It gives me all I need. On a closing note, how did you find Nikki and NN? I stumbled across her on Twitter many years ago, and didn´t hesitate to get a membership. I love reading your comments, so hopefully you have more planned. Take care – EN.

      • Hi again EN. It is interesting how we come across sites and material. I agree with you that there is everything you need here. I came across NN by the sample material on porntube. I only came across porntube a week earlier after hearing it referenced in one or two of my regular tv shows. To see all my fav models here like Teddy Snowflower, Tanya, Anna Kissa, Chloe,Cookie, Felix, Simone, Joey Minx, Olivia Rose, Rosey and Vestacia (random order), i nearly fell off my couch.
        I like the way you go into bat for Nikki. Like an older brother looking out for his little sister. It always makes sense what you’re pointing out, the voice of reason if you will. It must be a nightmare to get all the details ironed out by yourself. A one woman show. I assumed wrongly that there was a team there but no, as she pointed out in comments I read somewhere. Very inspiring girl if you ask me. She conducts great interviews, apart from all the other things she does well. I think women should interview women when it comes to the material they are talking about. I would rather hear what a relaxed girl who feels safe is saying over someone who is nervous
        Ok EN, nice to meet you, til next time, take care brother.
        ps. I can’t wait for this Rion and Valentine shoot. It might be happening as we speak. To be a fly on those walls

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hey there,
      Again, appreciating your thoughtful comments and have limited time to respond atm because I’m getting ready for a shoot! But I will say, I’ve been polyamorous all my life so I’m happy to respond to your questions/wondering in a blog post soon.
      All the best,

  4. VestaciaLove says:

    SO Awesome! Thank You Both! xo.H

  5. Vestacia is beautiful as always. I’ll never be able to get enough of her.

    Keep up the great work!

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