Hairy Kisses

Nikki and Muxer have been friends for a long time and Muxer is so excited to get her hands on Nikki. Watch these seductive, all natural babes worship each other's hairy area's and Muxer sure has many!

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  1. schnaps111 says:

    Extraordinary and very hot! I am totally excited and thrilled. This is surely one of the best videos I have ever seen – I love it! Hope to see much more of Nikki Darling and Muxer Diosa in the future. Many thanks!

  2. antwill says:

    I absolutely love this one. Nikki you have out done yourself with this. The licking of the pubic hair with the attention to details with every lick was a real turn on for me!!! Keep it going. I love where you’re heading with these types of videos!!
    I truly enjoyed it!

  3. BFassman09 says:

    Both these girls are amazing, Nikki. I hope to see more videos with them, perhaps a casting couch video with them. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.

  4. aloha69 says:

    Eroticism never looked so erotic.

  5. peticochon says:

    it is so good nikki to see you give an orgasm to this amazing black girl and melt the silk of your skins, coffee velvet and white satin and sniff your hairy sweaty armpits and pussies, licking tenderly your assholes

  6. big willie 69 says:

    Great asshole licking!!!!!!

  7. schreiberty says:

    i love seeing the girls ass from behind as shes licking pussy.

  8. this is incredible. total amazing world changing view right here.

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