Hairy Lace

I show off my body in this cute lace one piece, then strip it off and masturbate!

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  1. hi nikki you are super nice! i would like to see videos measuring your hairs , better comparing with another model!!

  2. Hey Nikki, I wouldt like to come to you around to lick your hairy ampits. How long must I wait for the long live Shows. Lovely Greetings

  3. shackwise12 says

    love the close-up shots esp of legs, fab!

  4. Thanks for another lovely video showing your personality and body perfectly. Great climax at the end!

  5. michaelpitlover says

    You’re so beautiful Nikki!thanks as always :))

  6. OMG Nikki, your hair is so LONG & GORGEOUS, it takes me to heaven! My eyes enter heaven when I see you! Holy God, you are such a BEAUTIFUL woman! I LOVE the hair on your legs & your beautiful eye brows! You’re such a beautiful girl, I love the attention on your clitoris with the vibrator. You take me to heaven Nikki, absolute heaven! I love how you lick the vibrator after it was on your PUSSY! My goodness Nikki, this is heaven, watching you! Oh my Lord, I can see it making you wet, OMG I love how you love tasting the wetness on the vibrator, omg!!! I love the glistening & the wetness of your pussy! I wish I could smell & lick every single inch of you! I LOVE a woman that can FULLY commit to an orgasm, (not very many women can) and not just edge then fake it, omg Nikki!!! You are such a BEAUTIFUL woman!!! Oh my Lord!!!

  7. vondeckbar72 says

    Nikki, I pledge myself wholeheartedly to the eternal worship of your incredible bush. It has a power over me that is HARD to explain.

    Thank you for doing what you do.

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