Hairy Latex Domination

Warning: Mild Humilation In this bit of role play, beautiful, hairy, alien princess has landed on earth and you are dying to worship her amazing all natural body clad in latex! However she's decided you aren't good enough for her and she shows off her amazing latex dress and heels, her all natural, furry legs as you grovel beneath her.

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  1. Edwin Kassim says

    Sorry to go off the topic but i couldn’t find the right place to put this comment. How did it go with the filming of the two beautiful girls in Vivi and Simone D? When will it be out on the website? It will be great to see that. those girls look so good.

    • Eivind Niclasen says

      Based on past experience, you may have to wait for a while. Editing takes time and Nikki is self-critical with her work. That is also the reason why it will be worth waiting for.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Hi there,

      No worrys, you can comment wherever. Well unfortunantly Simone got sick so I had to replace her with another model, I think you all will be very happy though. I will actually be updating with it pretty soon, at the end of this month! I still want to shoot a girl/girl of Simone, she comes down here pretty often so I’m sure we will next time.

  2. What happened to her ? Are we gonna see any new video of her ? She was an absolute beauty.

  3. woww exciting spitting

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