Hairy Lingerie Wrestling

At least, the not so long awaited first ever scene of Harley Hex having sex with another person! Harley and I go shopping for lingerie and come back. As we are trying on stuff we start fighting over a particular slip and soon I am straddling Harley and tearing her pantyhose off, one thing leads to another for a good hour long video of making out, hairy armpit licking, hairy pussy licking, finger fucking, wrestling, ending with Harley taking my strap on and cuming hard all over my cock.

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  1. chasmansorcer says:

    Goddess Nikki, very erotic video with the lovely Harley Hex.
    She is not only very sexy but very very lucky..
    Goddess you once again have seduced the camera and your fans
    with your beauty, sexuality and commanding presence.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!

  2. shackwise11 says:

    a fully charged erotic hour, brilliant close-up scenes, loved the stockings/tights section, esp the ripping part! made my weekend,thanks Nikki/Harley!

  3. Hi Nikki – I’m Darrin from San Francisco

    Great site and great videos. Especially this one with you & Harley Hex.
    Only thing missing was Harley riding your face. Would have loved to seen your mouth, chin etc. buried deep in Harley’s ultra thick bush. How bout round II…. A wrestling rematch to include that as well?

  4. I loved this video for many reasons, but I’ll list just a few: 1. Appreciate very, very much how you took suggestions from your members in regard to the content of the video; 2. Enjoyed both you and Harley trying on various “hairy” lingerie outfits including nylons and pantyhose all in one super video – wow amazing to see both of your sexy hairy legs in nylons side by side; 3. Loved the part with you wrestling Harley for the lingerie that you both wanted leading to your epic girl/girl (albeit would have liked to see a little more competitiveness in the wrestling part though to make it seem a little less scripted). Bottom line: this was a classic video of the highest quality starring two of the sexiest unshaven women of all time! Congrats and can’t wait to see what you do next!!!

  5. It’s great to see two of my favorite hairy women together, having fun.

  6. Amazing scene. Can you make films in darker settings too? ie lighting. Makes it further intimate and sexy.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I love the idea of it but I’m afraid too many members would complain of not being able to see every little hair and all the parts of the models bodys.

      If other folks are into the idea please let me know! Maybe someday!

  7. Amazing. extremely hot beautiful.
    Please came to Chile same day.

  8. exoticcharm23 says:

    Two of my favorites together in one scene. Just wow!

  9. hey, i want more from lesbian scene with harley and nikki, is something planned?
    I like Harley as a lesbian.

  10. I really think Nikki did a great job, ‘specially at the opening as soon as they got thru the door, in the artful seduction of Harley with her tongue. A pleasure to watch a pro with masterful skills
    in action with her laughter and flicking with tip of tongue as Harley moans and surrenders.

    Kudos to James Darling, videographer. Great angles and coverage. Wish James could shoot the models more often but realize the expenses involved. Nobody that good comes cheap.

  11. truloverofhairywomen says:

    The only thing missing in that video is ME…lol

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