Hairy Love

Rin and BushyBaby are close friends, can you tell? These 2 are so adorable yet clearly very attracted to one another. They lick, caress, and kiss each other everywhere, faces, armpits, bushes, before moving to my bedroom to really dive into each others hairy pussy's. Enjoy this extended 4K Hairy Lesbian Pussy Licking Video!

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  2. Oh boy, I was really looking forward to this video, and it exceeeds all expectations. The models are (per usual on this site) extremely cute, sexy, and beautiful. The way they seem into each other and take pleasure in pleasuring each other (captured superbly) is just so hot!!!
    Thanks alot for sharing, all wonderful 3 of you 🙂

  3. AWoozyYouth says:

    So so happy with how this came out! Thank you for featuring us <3

  4. Wow, such gorgeous young women and I’d be happy to dive between them, aaargh………….

  5. jimmytweed says:

    So sweet together! 😍

  6. jimmytweed says:

    So hot together! 😍

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