4K! Hairy Masseuse

I've started to offer free massages for hairy babes. Brooke is my first client and I have a very special massage in store for her. I take off my dress, revealing no underwear. I start with her on her stomach and straddle her ass, her plump ass feels so good tickling my clit. I make sure to get her nice and relaxed before flipping her over for a hairy armpit lymph node draining massage, followed by a tongue massage on her hairy cunt.

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  1. shackwise12 says

    Here’s 15+ mins of Nikki and Brooke!! We begin with Nikki smoothing the sheet on the bed, smiling at camera and showing her lovely hairy armpits! There comes a knock at the door, Nikki welcomes Brooke in, Brooke discards her robe and lies face down on the bed. Nikki runs her hands over Brooke’s body and then massages her aching shoulders. Off comes Nikki’s dress, to reveal she has no underwear on, smiles at camera, then straddles Brooke, runs her hands up and down Brookes back and bottom. We get a glimpse of Nikki’s hairy calf, then Brooke turns over on to her back, we are treated to the sight of Brooke’s lovely pit and chest hair, Nikki kneads the muscles in Brooke’s arms, then rubs her pit hair and strokes Brooke’s facial hair. Those nipples of Brooke’s get a thorough licking, then over to a glorious close-up of Brooke’s upper thighs and pussy! Nikki massages the inner thighs, rubs her hands over Brooke’s pussy hair, before sucking the pubes, opening up Brooke’s pussy lips and licking her expectant clit! So much hair says Nikki, moans and sighs, licks/kisses clit, great close-up, Nikki smiles at camera, “Uh-Huh!, O G*d, Ahhh!, Brooke moans with pleasure. Another of Nikki’s great vids, longing to see this theme with other hairy models! Great stuff as ever Nikki!!!

  2. so juicy..

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