Hairy Passion

Olivia gets all turned on in bed, playing with her dark nipple hairs, before taking out a big dildo, sucking on it with her lucsious lips and finally pounding her pussy till she cums hard.

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  1. Jason Silva says

    Love Olivia’so treasure trail! Love seeing you naked in the mirror too Nikki. Any more boy/girl vids cumming?

    • Nikki Silver says

      Hi there Jason,

      Thought you guys might like that. Sometimes I take down the mirror for shoots(that’s my bed) but figured it might be nice to catch a glimpse of bush every so often.

      Regarding boy/girl, another member asked me for another scene with Ruckus, the tattooed boy from the hitch hiking scene, what do you think? There are only a small handfull of male performers who are my friends and I’m attracted to. I have shot with one of my real life lovers a few times but sadly, he’s not that great at keeping his dick hard. But yes there is Ruckus and another boy; Sam Solo, who is very tiny and so cute(his dick is not tiny) so those would be the two I’d shoot with, so if I were to do this do you prefer big, tattooed, pretty faced Ruckus, or small, boy next door, Sam Solo?

      • Sam solo (what a great name) sounds like fun and Nikki could show her dominant side by having him do interesting things to himself for her pleasure.

        In general though, I prefer the frame to be filled with lovely hairy females pursuing self-fulfillment. Nothing wrong with boy/girl, but that can be found on hundreds and hundreds of other sites. I’ve always appreciated that Nikki focuses on the female side of the sexual equation. Horny natural women are endlessly fascinating and under represented on the internet. Occasional guys are OK, but raw female passion is more interesting from my viewpoint.

        P.S. Good job on Olivia Rose and her furry triangle pounding!

  2. Again very arousing, Nikki. You are the master in showing hairy details perfectly. I can see and feel the superiority of Olivia Rose in all its embarrassing (for me) facets. Her huge triangle in combination with her beautiful treasure trail shows unmistakably I need to increase. I would love to see a vid with a girl showing and talking about her pride of her lush hairiness, maybe with some humiliating comments on boy not able to keep up.

    Thanks for fulfilling my fetish, Nikki.

  3. shackwise11 says

    Great camera angles and close-ups Nikki, felt i was in the room with the gorgeous Olivia!

  4. Anyone else having trouble viewing videos? I get the preview version only, even though I’m logged in.

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