Hairy Shower n Pee!

Bella looks amazing in her white high cut one piece, and not only that but she gets it all nice and wet which shows off her black, dripping wet, bush hair and armpit hair. Complete with a pee at the end!

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  1. bushman1942 says:

    Omg !! I would wash my face and lap up every single drop of her sweet piss from her juicy furburger..mmm.mmmm

  2. She is proportioned like an absolute dream, a bit like Madonna at 20. I am not a fan of piercings, especially not facial ones, but there is no denying the appeal of Bella Mae. One of the sexiest girls on NN.

  3. the best clip so far…. I would love to sip every drop from her bush

  4. shadow_93 says:

    donna pelosa molto bella e sensuale amo in lei i peli delle sue gambe

  5. Absolutely magnificent!!

  6. shackwise12 says:

    superb vid, can only imagine how great Bella will look in secretary mode, nylons, heels etc!

  7. Lifezone13 says:

    This rules!

  8. Ck8hm17tuVN3 says:

    Please do you still have new Bella hairy videos ? She’s so beautiful ! thanks

  9. I love the videos of the models combing / brushing their armpit hair and bush. Would love it if every model on the site made a video like that!

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