Hairy Squirter!

Kendi told me she could squirt but I didn't know she could squirt this much! I got lots of great shots of her moving her sexy body around and getting naked and then set up the camera to capture her cumming hard and squirting a bunch!

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  1. It is refreshing to see somebody of exotic ethnicity on this site. This girl is nice.

    • Nikki Silver says

      I wouldn’t use the phrase ‘exotic ethnicity’ but yes, I am also excited to have a woman of color on the site! I really want more but have had such trouble finding hairy WOC who want to model. If you or anyone runs into any on the web or elsewhere please have them email me at

  2. Great vid. Can i request more of Kendi please?

  3. dirtysurface says

    GhostCat013 – I wholeheartedly agree that is refreshing and good to have more people of color modeling here. I also empathize w Nikki’s difficulty finding models of color.

    It’s not just about *finding* people, though. It’s about people feeling respected, included, and recognized as human. I strongly encourage you, GhostCat013, to think about the ways in which language like “exotic” can make people of color feel unwelcome, however much your intention might be the opposite.

    Using the word this way comes from centuries of borrowing terms from biology and other areas to make the invented-for-profit hierarchy of race seem like an actual science. Using “exotic” to describe somebody brown also distorts reality to put whiteness at the center. Only in comparison to seeing whiteness as the norm is brown skin or mixed background unusual. World majority people aren’t unique except in spaces where the actual balance of humanity’s many shades is for whatever reason not represented. It’d be unfortunate if well-intentioned comments were part of the reason to reduce our representation here.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Dirtysurface – So appreciating your comment/perspective! My hope is that everyone here is open to learning and hearing perspectives that maybe didn’t occur to them before, so please don’t worry about sounding ‘snooty;’ you are well informed and eloquent. Additionally if NaughtyNatural is a space where models of color do not feel ‘exotified’ but rather included and respected, we will get more hot models of color and then everyone wins! much love – Nikki

  4. dirtysurface says

    More germanely: what radiant beauty!
    (& tantalizing glimpse of booty)
    What glorious spray! Kendi, you made my day.
    (Sorry if previous post sounded snooty.)

  5. naturalover says

    This is a very erotic video! Kendi is Oh so lovely 🙂

  6. She’s so gorgeous. Open to girl girl play?

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