Hairy Squirting

Nikki gets her pussy so freakin' wet! Watch this super sexy, all natural and hairy babe make her pussy so juicy for you!

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  1. smithijor21 says:

    Nice bush and beaugtiful juicy pussy.

  2. kamadazzle says:

    Wow, she is gorgeous! And such a sexy video. 🙂

  3. nstymacd1 says:

    This girl is absolutely smoking hot! She is certainly the hottest as far as attitude! I especially loved her spit and drool along with the squirting. Would love to see more girl spit and creamy girl cum and squirt in the videos. Girl pee is extremely sexy too, especially between two girls. Only drawback with this video is I wish you had shown Nikki’s feet more. I know you gotta have your beloved close-ups where you can see the girl’s cervix and fallopian tubes, but you can get a close enough shot yet have the entire girl (including her feet) in the frame yet still see everything (once in a while, you do, but only for a few seconds at a time). Other than that, keep bringing us the most beautiful women on the Web!

  4. Wow off the charts hot! Love all those yummy juices. Amazing view of her juices all over that hairy sexy bush. Very hot scene, more of her please!

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