Hairy Stockings

I got all dressed up for you, do you like my stockings, heels and lingerie! Get you a girl that can do both! Pristine, feminine lingerie and rough and tumble hiking gal. Enjoy! Lots of stocking fetish shots here, oh yes, and masturbating.

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  1. VestaciaLove says:

    WOW! Nikki! Thanks for filming yourself in that HOT underwear…and thanks even more for removing it in such a sexy way highlighting all those wonderful hairs. Your videos are so nice and clear & to hear how wet you get yourself is fantastic. Bravo!!!

  2. shackwise12 says:


  3. preese01 says:

    Ohhh Nikki!!!! You are soo HOTTT….OMG…and the Hair on your legs along with your calf muscles….WOW !!!! I Love all your hair. I would worship you if I were with you !!! You sure know how to make a guy feel good. 🙂

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