Hairy SweatFriends

Olivia brought her new friend; Caressa Silk over to do some excercises. The two, all natural girls get a little delirious in the hot room, working up a sweat and Caressa can't help but notice Olivia's intoxicating smell! She asks if she can smell her armpit and Olivia gets turned on at the sensation of Caress'a mouth so close to her armpit. Soon the two girls are naked, kissing, worshipping and licking each others sweaty hairy armpits and pussy's. Nothin' like working out with your hairy friends!

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  1. Devil Jin says:

    The face buried in bush shots were amazing in this video, especially the Caressa going down on Oliver point of view shot. It is also good that they were no dildos, excessive dildo use can ruin a girl on girl scene and it is lack of creativity from the director. Luckily Nikki does know what she is doing, this scene proves it.

  2. pierre6 says:

    Nikki, my goodness you are the best.

    So many great things about this video, thought I’d mention how much I appreciate them. You’ve included great views and aspects, all done in a sensual way, I love it. The majority of sites have one-dimension videos–always the same thing–and here instead we have:
    – the models enjoying each other while standing (way too many videos out there only have the models lying down)
    – great mixture of closeups and full-body views
    – also nice alternate views between the person giving the pleasure, the face of the person receiving it, and then a full view of them both
    – finally I LOVE the position they are in around 19:00-22:30, Caressa sitting with her legs spread, and Olivia sitting behind her. This position is rarely seen in videos yet it is so nice! I hope you have your models in this position often in the future! And here again great combination of close-ups views and full-body views.

    Fantastic, excellent, awesome, outstanding, Nikki. Thank you so much.


    • Nikki Silver says:

      You’re so welcome! I am so pleased with how this video came out as well and will certainly be using it as a frame of reference for future scenes!

  3. FurLover says:

    All I can say is Wow. Nikki, this is some of your best work. Wow! I thought this was great. Love the mouth closeups. Amazing video. Can’t wait for more. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

  4. Hairsuit64 says:

    “I love these little whiskers..” So HOTTT!!

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