4K! Hairy Tickle Mistress

Mistress Fox has a fun toy to play with, the deliciously hairy and playful Brooke Casey! Fox caresses and kisses Brooke under the apple tree before undressing her and tying her hands above her head so she can tickle and lick all her yummy body hair. Finally Fox has Brooke on her knees before taking her inside to bind her legs together and eat her hairy pussy before fisting her and riding her face! Epic!

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  1. antwill says:

    OMG!!! Love it!

  2. person123abc says:

    Wow. Epic close-up views of pussy eating!!!! Great to see Fox back and especially in ultra-clear video. Love her face, tits, bush and ass.

  3. Great!
    Nikki makes the best films.
    I would like a second bondage video of this kind, again with Fox as the tickle master and with Pearl as the “victim”.
    Or Nikki as the “victim” 🙂

  4. antwill says:

    Yes Nikki, I agree with G G….can you make that happen with Pearl and Fox….I just love how she sucks and licks her victim’s pussy hair….It’s a huge turn on!!!

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