Hairy Witch Seduces Bird Watcher

Olivia is a beautiful hairy witch who lives in the woods by herself, practicing earth magic. Katie, a city girl, stumbles upon her while looking for her bird watching group. The seductive Olivia convinces Katie to stay and relax, recieve some massage and energy work from her. Before Katie knows it Olivia's got her clothes off and is worshipping Katie's also, all natural body...

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  1. Oh, I sooooooooo love the fun girls. Delightful!!! Thank you Olivia, Katie, and Nikki!

  2. Eivind Niclasen says:

    A belated comment from me. I could watch Katie Z sleep and still get off. Without wishing to sound creepy, she just remains a special girl for me. A rare, and even natural, beauty. Nikki herself, Kisa, Harley, Felix and many others are also lovely and beautiful, but there is just something about Katie. Also, the kissing in the video is one of my favourite bits; it would be lovely to see more of that in future videos. The girl/girl video featuring Nikki and Kisa also has a fair bit of kissing, a particular turn-on for me. Keep it up, Nikki. I don´t understand how NN can continue to go from strength to strength, but it does. I am continually amazed at the unique quality the site offers.

    PS. It´s also the only paysite that I continue to be a member of. Other sites are more like casual acquaintances.

  3. Love this site Nikki your awesome! Love how “real” you and your models are your sites like no other! Awesome

  4. More Olivia please :-))

  5. schnaps111 says:

    A fantastic video!! You would not want to miss a single second of it.
    Olivia and Katie seem to have so much fun. I just love how easy they interact. I could watch them forever.
    Please show us more videos of them together.

  6. artsychiguy says:

    MMM so rough and saucy!

  7. The pubes licking from Katie on Olivia, I love that. Wish I was in that.
    She said it was soft. Of course it is, it couldnt get any better.
    Sometimes I wish something wasnt so perfect so I can tell myself oh well, nothing you’re missing there.
    Olivia is a heart throb, so many fun bits on her body. That bum, i mean, it’s begging to be bitten (lightly)
    I’d love to massage her. Spend a whole heap of time on those legs, the hair on her lower legs, WOW.
    So glad girls are saying no to the razor. Thanks ladies
    Thanks for sharing

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