Hairy Yoga

I decided to set up my camera while I did some yoga and stretching. This is not a performance, I really am stretching, aren't I flexible! Of course moving my body around like that gets me turned on so I have to get naked and masturbate, don't miss all the great hairy pussy yoga angles!

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  1. chasmansorcer says

    Dear Goddess Nikki,
    Absolutely wonderful. unique idea, you are stunning and commanding as always.
    I need to do yoga for a back surgery I had, I am going to use this as motivation, at least
    the first half of the video.
    Your devoted fan always…..

  2. Eivind Niclasen says

    Great clip in beautiful HD. It´s also a nice personal touch to see how Nikki lives. The angles are good as is the lighting, as usual. That is one thing, that I have always liked about Nikki´s photos and videos; the quality of the lighting is always good. People who like grainy porn will definitely have to look elsewhere 😉

  3. Fantastic!!!! Thank you, my Heavenly Hairy Hindu!:)

  4. shackwise11 says

    enjoyed watching that a lot, super shots, could watch you for hours Nikki, esp your gorgeous legs!

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